Year R - Orange Class

Welcome to Orange Class!

Moving to Primary School evokes both excitement and anxiety in both parent and child. This is only natural and at Vale View, we fully recognise and appreciate this. Therefore, we endeavour to make the onset of your children’s Learning Journey as positive as possible in an environment that is stimulating, purposeful and centered around your child and their interests. This will enable your child to become a confident, independent learner for life and support them in making their best progress possible throughout their school career at Vale View.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum builds on the learning experiences that children encounter during their time in Nursery.  At Vale View we work hard to try to ensure that learning opportunities are fun and engaging and cover all the areas of learning as identified through EYFS curriculum.  Children have ownership of their learning and we build topics around their interests to maximise their enthusiasm and potential to learn.

During the week your child will extend their learning experiences through:

  • Whole class and small group and English and literacy sessions that may include stories, puppet shows, role play, songs, mark making and writing;

  • Whole class and small group mathematic sessions that includes number games and rhymes, practical games, counting and sorting, shape, space and measure;

  • Daily Phonics’ sessions, where children are taught the early skills for reading and writing through games, songs and interactive activities.

  • Sharing books and learning reading skills during small group Guided Reading sessions;

  • Being taught e-safety skills whilst using our suite of computers to enhance and extend their learning;

Taking part in a wide range of creative activities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Child Initiated Learning

As well as the above adult-led opportunities, your child will also have time dedicated to developing their own interests.  They will take part in regular Child Initiated Learning sessions where children ‘plan’, do and review’ their own learning. They will be encouraged to plan what they intend to learn during that session, do it and then talk about their learning with the rest of the class.  During the ‘do’ section of these sessions, children may work independently or a part of a pair or larger group of children. This cycle gives the children the opportunities to think creatively and freely and to develop problem solving skills which will enable them to think for themselves, make mistakes and take pride in their achievements.

We look forward to working closely with you throughout the first year of your child’s time at Vale View, building the important foundations for your child’s future successes.