Year 1 - Summer Homework


Keeping relaxed and exercising



I highly recommend the You Tube Series ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ – exciting and engaging stories accompanied by yoga, specifically designed for children.



I can quickly recall number bonds to 10 and 20.


Eg. 4 + 6 = 10 / 14 + 6 = 20


I can add and subtract within 20.

There are lots of maths games on

Search ‘number bonds’ and I would recommend:

  • Alien pairs to 10


Another great site for interactive maths games is:

It is an American site so the ‘Grade 2’ section is relevant for Yellow Class.

Number fact bingo – the machine generates a question that children can then verbally respond to, or make bingo cards with numbers to 20 and play with siblings or other children.



Spell number words from one to twenty.


Numbers to 20’ game.



I can use all the 40+ sounds I have been taught in my writing.


Recognise the 40+  sounds I have been taught in order to de-code words when reading.


There are many reading and writing phonics activities on this website. The children know it well and should be able to choose activities to suit them. Children should be working on the Phase 5 area of the site, some may still need practise on phase 3.



Username: valeview

Password: play


I can count up in 2s, 5s and 10s.



Count by 2s song :


Exercise and count by 5:


Count by 10s:



I can count on and back from any given number to/from 100.



A great skill to practise whilst walking somewhere, perhaps. Give your child a number (up to 100) and ask them to count on or back as far as they can.


I can spell and read my tricky words.

(List of year 1 words attached)



There are lots of ideas for spelling at home, including those sent at the start of the year for the spelling bee. How about this fun game to help children remember the word shape of their tricky spellings:

Sight word and spelling word practice with cooked spaghetti. (glad she included tips)










Hangman is also a great game to teach spelling – particularly those sneaky words with silent letters in (eg. when)