Year 1 - Yellow Class

Welcome to Yellow Class! 

Moving into the first year of Key Stage One is the start of a fun and exciting journey for the children. We have very high expectations, but this does not compromise the fun we have! We have a creative approach to the curriculum where children are provided with a range of exciting opportunities to explore and investigate interesting topics. We encourage independence through this creative learning environment and by establishing clear routines and responsibilities.

The Curriculum

As well as continuing to develop their skills in maths and literacy, children work on a different topic each term. Each of the six topics focuses on different subjects, further information is given below.  In addition to the themes covered below children will take part in music, RE, two PE lessons per week, a science lesson (in addition to the science covered within the topic based learning) and Core Learning Skills, which enable pupils to develop their skills for learning and later life.  Days in Yellow Class are busy! 

Integrated Curriculum (Topic)

We try to include a range of local trips and visits to excite and engage children with their topic based learning and to help to make it ‘real’ for them.  We also invite in visiting speakers to talk to the children about subjects relevant to our topics.  Our topic themes for the year are:

Autumn Term

Term One: Marvellous Me! (History and Science)

In this topic in which think about how we change as we get older in addition to learning about the history of toys. We think about and investigate what makes a good toy and design and make our own baby mobiles as a D.T. project. We will also be completing a range of art based projects within the topic.

Term Two: To Infinity and Beyond (Geography and Science)

Our topic in term 2 is ‘Hello, I’m new here’ in which we be think about what it would be like to be a new child in our school or community and ways in which we could help them. We talk about how we could help them to settle in and to find their way around and developing our directional language, map skills and observational drawing skills.

Spring Term

Term Three: Traditional Tales (Science and D.T)

In this topic we use a range of stories from other cultures as a stimuli for exploring a range of science questions; particularly the use of shadow puppets and light. We make our own puppets from a range of materials and use this to perform the traditional tales. Our topic finishes with a Chinese New Year Party!

Term Four: Whatever Next? (Arts)

We focus on Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ painting and use a range of artist’s materials to reproduce the painting in different ways. We learn space and star based poems and songs. This topic culminates in a performance to parents.

Summer Term

Term Five: Green and Growing (Science)

By the end of this topic children should be able to name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans as well as knowing lots about the bodies of water close to us. We take time to investigate what plants need to grow and try to grow food that we can eat.

Term Six: What is Old? (History and Geography)

We learn how transport has developed over time and find out about famous inventors. We look at what it was like to go for a great day out in Victorian times and compare that to how we live now. We plan a ‘Great day out’ trip for Yellow Class to take. By the end of the topic children should also be able to name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas.


Literacy skill are developed across the curriculum as well as in our daily literacy lessons. In Yellow Class children develop their letter formation and general handwrite skills, become confident in using their phonics knowledge to form words and writing sentences. We develop a strong vocabulary throughout the year and always try and make our sentences as interesting as we can with extra information and exciting WOW words!


Over the course of year 1 we develop a secure understand of numbers and the number system which will be firm foundations for their maths learning as they go up the school. We will be working a lot on place value (tens and ones) and ensuring children can count on and back between 0 and 100 and from any given number. Children will be learning how to add and subtract to 20 using a range of manipulatives (Numicon, counters, cubes, number puppies etc) and become secure in their number bonds to 20. In addition to this, children will learn how to tell the time to the hour and half past and recognise and use British currency.


Across the year we study a range of science topic to develop the children’s scientific reasoning and enquiry skills. The children are encouraged to predict, investigate methodically (using fair test) and use their results to draw conclusions:

Term 1: Animals including humans

Term 2, 4, 6: Seasonal change

Term 3 Everyday materials

Term 5: Green plants

IT / Computing

The children begin to develop their programming skills in year 1, beginning with programming Bee-Bot to move around before moving on to Scratch based programming. The learning is linked to the top