Year 2 - Green Class

Welcome to Green Class! 

As the children enter their final year of Key Stage One we continue to have very high expectations and encourage children to begin their  development of independent learning, whilst at the same time not compromising our fun, creative approach to the curriculum. We firmly believe that children learn best in an environment designed to support the whole child.

The Curriculum

As well as continuing to develop their skills in maths, literacy and science, children work on a different topic each term. These topics are designed to allow the children to focus on a variety of subjects and further information is provided below. On top of the termly topics the children will also be participating in music, RE, two PE lessons per week and Core Learning Skills, which enable pupils to develop their skills for learning in later life.

Autumn Term

Term One: Pride in Place (History based)

A history and geography based topic through which the children are able to develop their understanding of past events and local history and its influence on the present day. The children are provided with the opportunity to study historical and present day architecture first hand and build their knowledge of the local community around the school. We will also be building our own version of 1666 London through design and technology (DT) and taking part in ‘The Great Fire of Green class’.

Term Two: Party Planners (Science based)

A science and design and technology (DT) based topic through which children will become ‘Party Planners’ and plan a Christmas party at the end of term. The children will be investigating different materials which could be used for the party and experimenting with what would be the most suitable. We will also be looking into how to keep healthy and eat a balanced diet.

Spring Term

Term Three: From Here to There (Design Technology based)

Children will develop their understanding of vehicles, forces and movement.  Investigations into the most suitable materials will be leading the way as the children design and build their own super vehicle. Throughout the topic, the children will be encouraged to discuss, reflect and evaluate the changes they make during the design and build processes.

Term Four: The Owl and the Pussy Cat (Art, music and drama based)

Based on the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear, the children will be supported to develop their artistic skills through the use of sketching, painting and a variety of different media.

Summer Term

Term Five: All Creatures Great and Small (Science based)

As the children develop their scientific knowledge of living and non-living things, they will be provided with opportunities to sort and classify animals according to their similarities and differences.

Term Six: The Seaside (Geography based)

Further developing their local knowledge, the children will be investigating the seaside past and present, with an opportunity to interact with artefacts stemming from earlier time periods of English history.


Over the course of the year the children will be engaging with a variety of literature as they develop their skills in reading and writing. They will be given opportunities to write from their own experiences, those of others and continue their journey of creation through story writing.


Through the use of practical resources children are encouraged to investigate and seek patterns in numbers, allowing them to develop a natural engagement with maths and its’ uses in the real world.


A varied science curriculum linked to the six topics allows the children to develop both their scientific enquiry skills and knowledge of the natural world.

IT / Computing

A comprehensive computing and IT curriculum provides a variety of opportunities for children to engage with a range of media, whilst also developing their knowledge and understanding of how computers work and how they can be used.