Year 4 - Indigo Class

Welcome to Indigo Class!

Moving into the second year of Key Stage Two we continue to have very high expectations and a creative approach to the curriculum. We believe that the children engage and learn best through this creative and approach whilst having the opportunity to develop independence in their own learning.

The Curriculum

As well as continuing to develop their skills in maths and literacy, children work on a different topic each term. Each of the six topics focuses on different subjects, further information is given below.  In addition to the themes covered below children will take part in music, RE, two PE lessons per week, a science lesson (in addition to the science covered within the topic based learning) and Core Learning Skills, which enable pupils to develop their skills for learning and later life. 

Autumn Term

Term One: Audio-visual (Science based topic)

This topic focuses on Science, with both Art and DT linked in too.  Your child will learn about what effect different light sources can have on objects as well as how we can make and change the sounds that we hear.  They will be creating different bits of art work using different techniques including sketching, marbling and using our shadows to make a collage.  We will also be having a go at making ear muffs.

Term Two: Romans. (History based topic)

This topic focuses on History, with a little Geography with both Art and DT linked too.  Your child will take a brief look at The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age, before focussing in on lots of different aspects of Roman life. They will learn about what life is like in the Roman times, both for village people and for a Roman soldier. 

Spring Term

Term Three: Chocolate (DT based topic)

This topic focuses on DT with History, Geography and PSHE linked in too.  Children will be learning about the countries where chocolate comes from and how it got to our country.  They will be researching favourite chocolate bars throughout the school and designing and making their own bars and wrapping for them. 

Term Four: Italy (Geography based topic)

This topic focuses on Geography with some art linked in too.  The children will be learning about Italy, and the similarities and differences it has with our local area.  We will also be learning to draw simple plans and maps that include keys.  We will be also tackling map reading, including the use of 6 figure grid references.

Summer Term

Term Five: Our Inner Space

This topic focuses on Science, and PSHE with Art and History linked too.  The children will learn what it means to be healthy, looking at both healthy bodies and healthy minds.  We will also be looking at some historical diseases and how they were combated.

Term Six: Why do we speak English at school?

As the name suggests, we’ll be finding out about the origins of our language as well as listening to some different versions of English.  We will be learning how the language changed when the Romans invaded and a lot of your child’s learning will be based around The Romans.


Throughout the year we will be developing our spelling of high frequency words and ensuring these are effectively spelled in all pieces of writing. The children will have opportunities to write at length, developing their story writing abilities as well as looking at poetry and non-fiction texts.


Throughout the course of the year it will become very important for the children to be learning and remembering their times tables, all the way to twelve times twelve! We will be working on this very hard during the course of the year. We will also have a key focus on column addition and subtraction as well as understanding how we use maths in our day to day lives.

Home learning

We really appreciate the help and support you give to your child at home. We know what a difference it can make to their progress and self-confidence. In Indigo Class hearing your child read regularly at home should continue to be considered a priority, with an ongoing focus on developing comprehension skills; for this reason, talking about books and stories with your children is very important.

In addition to this regular reading, home learning will be set every week in your child’s Learning Log.  This is usually topic linked in some way, although it is often likely to have some ‘hidden’ literacy skills within it!  A short piece of maths homework is also set every week; we try to keep this fun and fairly practical to support and develop children’s learning from the maths being taught and practised in school.