Year 5 - Violet Class

Welcome to Violet Class!

Now that the children are in the upper part of Key Stage Two, we aim to get them to be better organised and ready to take more responsibility for themselves, including the completion of homework. This is to prepare them for Year 6 and secondary school. Homework diaries are used to plan homework and reading records are used to record reading completed.

The Curriculum

As well as continuing to develop their skills in Maths and Literacy, children work on a different topic each term. Each of the six topics focuses on different subjects, further information is given below.  In addition to the themes covered below children will take part in music, RE, two PE lessons per week one of which will be swimming for the first term, a science lesson in addition to the science covered within the topic based learning and Core Learning Skills, which enable pupils to develop their skills for learning and later life.  As you can see, life in Violet Class is quite busy! 

Integrated Curriculum (Topic)

We try to include a range of local trips and visits to excite and engage children with their topic based learning and to help to make it ‘real’ for them.  We also invite in visiting speakers to talk to the children about subjects relevant to our topics.  Our topic themes for the year are:

Autumn Terms

Term One: Properties and change(Science based)

A science based topic through which children will become scientists investigating how different materials react to differing circumstances. Children will investigate materials and experiment with what would be the most suitable. We will also look at keeping healthy and eating a balanced diet.

Term Two: Through A Time Keyhole (History based)

During this topic, children will develop their understanding of the past and begin to compare it with the present day with particular emphasis being on the Norman Conquest and 1066. Children will investigate power struggles through time, historic battles and events that have led to the society of today that we live in and how people defended and attacked castles in the past.

During terms one and two we will be also be developing our geographical knowledge through investigating the names and locations of counties and cities of the UK, whilst identifying topographical features of the UK (including hills, mountains and coasts).

In Music, we will be investigating our community and Solar System music, looking at Holtz and attempting to compile our own music using computer synthesizers. 

Spring Terms

Term Three: (Design Technology based)

In D.T, we will be investigating and making weapons and accessories from the Norman and Saxon period. We will design our weapons, and then construct them and finally we will write a review about how they performed and could be improved.

Term Four: The Owl And The Pussycat (Art, Music and drama based)

Based on the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear, children will develop their artistic skills by sketching, painting and discovering different media.

Summer Terms

Term Five: Fairground (Science and D & T based)

Children will develop their scientific knowledge of mechanical systems and forces. They will begin to sort and classify mechanical elements and forces according to their similarities and differences.

In PE, we will be investigating striking and fielding games.

Term Six: The World In Our Eyes. (Geography based)

Children will develop their geographic skills in this topic through learning about contrasting locations as well as looking at climate zones, biomes, rivers, volcanoes and water courses. Pupils will compare different regions of Europe and the UK to North and South America. 


Within Literacy the children will explore a range of books, using these books we will aim to ensure that children have a deeper understanding of the texts that they are reading as well as developing their writing skills. We aim to improve the composition and effect of their writing, through accurate use of punctuation and style. There will always be a focus on improving spelling through weekly games and activities.


The children are taught maths in blocks of two weeks, starting with place value and working through the four main operations (subtraction, addition, division and multiplication)  We will also focus on transferring this knowledge into problem solving. The children will then explore concepts such as algebra (e.g. finding the area of a circle), which will stretch their understanding of mathematical concepts and develop their ability to use and apply their maths knowledge.

Home Learning

Children at Vale View benefit from access to a broad and balanced curriculum that is tailored to meet the needs of individuals. We are committed to ensuring children leave Vale View having developed a high standard of English and Maths in order to succeed as they move on to secondary  School. However, we also believe in educating ‘the whole child’ and finding opportunities for children to develop their talents across all areas of the curriculum. The advances in communication technology that the Internet has brought into almost every home have had a particular impact in the way that people gain access to different levels of possible educational achievement and we, as staff, would really appreciate the help and support you can give to your child at home.  We know what a difference it can make to their progress and self confidence.

In Violet Class, hearing your child read regularly at home should continue to be considered a priority, with an ongoing focus on developing comprehension skills; for this reason, talking about books and stories with your children is very important, practicing handwriting with your children as well as their number bonds, multiplication tables and connecting education to real life scenarios when you are out shopping, on holiday etc would be a tremendous help.

In addition to this regular reading, home learning will be set every week in your child’s Learning Log.  This is usually topic linked in some way, although it is often likely to have some ‘hidden’ literacy skills within it!  A short piece of Maths homework is also set every week to support and develop children’s learning from the Maths being taught and practiced in school.