Year 6 - Gold Class

Welcome to Gold Class! 

Moving into the final year of Key Stage Two brings a very busy year as we prepare for national assessments and the exciting transition to secondary school. 

The Curriculum

As in previous years, as well as continuing to develop their skills in Mathematics and Literacy, children work on a different topic each term. Each of the six topics focuses on different subjects, further information is given below.  In addition to the themes covered below children will take part in music, RE, two PE lessons per week, a science lesson in addition to the science covered within the topic based learning and Core Learning Skills, which enable pupils to develop their skills for learning and later life.  As you can see, life in Gold Class is quite busy!

Integrated Curriculum (Topic)

We try to include a range of local trips and visits to excite and engage children with their topic based learning and to help to make it ‘real’ for them.  We also invite in visiting speakers to talk to the children about subjects relevant to our topics.  Our topic themes for the year are:

Autumn Terms

Term One and Two:  World War Two

For the first two terms in year 6, the children explore the Second World War. Starting with how life was affected in Dover, developing on to key events such as the Battle of Britain, the creation of the Women’s Land Army and the use of propaganda in the war.

Spring Terms

Term Three: Out of this World

This topic transports the children to the future, where they will become explorers of deep space searching for a new planet to replace the dying planet Earth. 

Term Four: Darwin

An exciting new topic, a topic where the children will start to explore the theories of Charles Darwin. Theories that challenged and then changed scientific thinking upon the evolution of mankind. 

Summer Terms

Term Five: Darwin

The children continue to explore the work of Charles Darwin and how this received by his peers and that of the general public.  In addition pupils will be undertaking their Key Stage 2 tests this term.

Term Six: Mini-Enterprise

An exciting topic where children work towards becoming the next Lord Sugar by starting their own companies. The children will design and make a series of products to sell to their peers.


Within Literacy the children will explore a range of books, using these books to learn and develop essential skills such as using sentence structure to add tension or description to a piece of writing. A key focus of our writing work will be to ensure that the children are aware of the reader, making their writing thoughtful and exciting which will interest and excite the reader, making the reader want to read more. We shall also develop the technical side of writing which will be essential in developing their writing style but will also prepare the children for the National Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests that they will have to sit in May.


The children are taught maths in blocks of two weeks, starting with place value and working through the four main operations (subtraction, addition, division and multiplication). The children will then explore concepts such as algebra (e.g. finding the area of a circle), which will stretch their understanding of mathematical concepts and develop their ability to use and apply their maths knowledge.


The children will cover a wide range of topics such as exploring the function of the heart and lungs to testing Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution. The scheme of work in Year Six looks to develop previous knowledge and apply this knowledge in a range of experiments, developing a scientific approach to their work in readiness for Secondary level science.

IT / Computing

In Gold class the children will extend their understanding of safe internet use and then continue develop their understanding and ability of computer programming.

Home Learning

We really appreciate the help and support you give to your child at home. We know what a difference it can make to their progress and self-confidence. In Gold Class encouraging your child to read regularly at home should continue to be considered a priority.  Children should be encouraged to read a wide range of materials from books and newspapers to instructions and recipes.

In addition to this regular reading, home learning will be set every week in your child’s Learning Log.  This is usually topic linked in some way and, although it is often likely to have some ‘hidden’ literacy skills within it!  A short piece of maths homework is also set every week; we try to keep this fun and fairly practical to support and develop children’s learning from the maths being taught and practised in school.