Children in Need - Friday, 17th November

13 November 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

On Friday 17th November it is Children in Need. This is a fantastic charity to help raise money for as all money raised go to children everywhere who are struggling with in a variety of ways. Please join us in raising money, and taking a few minutes to explain to your children the importance of what this charity does.

So, on Friday 17th we are inviting the children to come into school wearing an outfit that makes your child smile. This could be anything from pyjamas, a fancy-dress costume, a football kit or even a custom-made outfit by yourself. If you wish to purchase the official Children in Need spotty merchandise, please feel free to do so. Or you could even create your own! The idea is to have fun with this. We aren’t asking for a £1 donation this time, but for all your loose change (1p,2p,5p,10p). We want to teach the children that something as little as 1p can really make an enormous difference to someone else’s life.

The Children are going to be trying to fill a huge drawn picture of Pudsey on Friday morning. So get digging down the back of the sofa, looking in the bottom of those handbags and in your cars. Every penny counts.

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