Homework enables pupils to practise and reinforce the skills they have been learning in school. 

Weekly Homework

We set homework weekly, handing it out on a Wednesday and asking for it to be returned by the following Monday.  Children in Years One to Six (Yellow to Gold Classes) are encouraged to complete a piece of maths homework weekly as well as a piece of topic related homework in their ‘Learning Log’.  Since its introduction this has proved a popular way of setting homework with many children and their families and we often see many creative and collaborative tasks handed in. 

As children move through the school they are sometimes set a project over a period of weeks to support them in developing their self-study and organisational skills ready for secondary school and later life. 


In addition to weekly homework, children should be reading everyday at home.  We actively encourage children to join the library in the town centre to help to widen their choice of books.  In addition to reading books from school and the library children should be encouraged to read as wide a variety of materials as possible, including newspapers, magazines, catalogues, instructions, recipes and words in the environment such as signs and notices.

Number Facts

It greatly helps children to be able to recall a range of basic number facts.  There are a number of maths games accessible online that help children to learn, use and recall these facts.  In addition to the other resources available on the internet, all children at Vale View have access to their own log in for MyMaths.co.uk which they are encouraged to use at home as well as in school. 

It is helpful for children to use their maths in real life situations such as weighing ingredients for cooking; counting out sufficient potatoes or carrots to help in preparing meals; working out change when shopping and helping to choose the correct coins to pay for items with. 

We encourage families to support children in learning and practising their times tables at home; children should know, or be able to work out, times tables to 12 by the time they reach the end of Indigo Class (Year Four).