School Uniform / Kit

The correct school uniform is:



School sweatshirt


School fleece



Pale blue polo shirt 
or shirt

Plain grey or black
trousers or shorts

Plain grey or black 
trousers or skirt

  Black shoes
(NOT trainers)
    Blue/white checked
Summer dress (warmer
months only)


Black shorts
Plain white T-shirt
Black plimsolls

Black tracksuit/jogging bottoms
for cooler days

Further information

  • Please make sure that all items are clearly named.  Children are encouraged to be responsible for their own belongings and this is far easier if items are named; it also makes it easier for us to reunite clothing with their correct owners!  Clothing should be checked periodically to ensure that names are still visible.
  • Longer hair should be tied back for school; hair accessories should be small, plain blue or black and discrete.
  • It is against school policy for children to wear jewellery such as rings, chains or necklaces to school and any child may be asked to remove items on Health and Safety grounds. The school will not assume liability should any such items be brought into school.
  • Children may wear a pair of small, plain ear studs but, for their own safety, these must be removed for PE.  If your child is not able to remove their own earrings please ensure that they do not wear them for school on a PE or swimming day.

Items available to purchase from the school office:

£11.00 Cardigan
£10.00 Sweatshirt
£11.60 Fleece
£6.40 Book Bag
£6.80 Polo Shirt
£5.00 PE T Shirt
£1.50 Water Bottle