Who's Who

Executive Head of Academy

Mrs A. Siggins

Head of School

Miss K. Brown


Mr D. Vellani
Academy Business Manager

Mrs N. Noden

School Business Manager

Mrs H Simmonds

Academy EYFS Manager

Mrs R. Bishop

EYFS Key Stage 1 Leader

Teacher - Year 2 - Green Class

Miss S Hall

Key Stage 2 Leader

Teacher - Year 6 - Gold Class

Mrs A Abbott

Teacher - Nursery - Red Class

Miss C Morgan

Teacher - Year R - Orange Class

Miss A Coombs

Teacher - Year 1 - Yellow Class

Mrs B Pestrell

Teacher - Year 3 - Blue Class

Miss S Ridge

Teacher - Year 4 - Indigo Class

Mr A Boniface

Teacher - Year 4 - Indigo Class 

Ms L Burton

Teacher - Year 5 - Violet Class

Mrs B Creed

Family Liaison Officer

Mrs C Saunders

Office Manager

Mrs A Baxter

Site Manager

Mr S Macdonald