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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Our Anti-bullying Ambassadors have received targeted training from The Diana Award Trust, a charity set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales with a mission to empower young people to lead change, which ensures no one if left out or left behind. 

Our Ambassadors have begun to lead change at Vale View by creating an Anti-bullying pledge and supporting class assemblies. They have held special events like Smile Days and introduced worry boxes into classrooms.

We will use this page to keep you updated about our latest projects.


Year 4 Anti-bullying ambassadors

Year 5 Anti-bullying ambassadors

Year 6 Anti-bullying ambassadors


Anti-bullying ambassadors 'Walk with Amal'

On 20th October hundreds of ‘beautiful’ handmade star-shaped lanterns and a giant illuminated lighthouse at Dover castle celebrated the arrival 'Little Amal' a 12-foot-tall puppet of a refugee child.  'Little Amal' is part of an international art project that has made the 5,000 mile journey from the Turkey-Syria border she has already stopped at dozens of towns and villages in mainland Europe on her journey to Manchester.  



Anti Bullying Week 2021

During week beginning 15th November our Anti Bullying Ambassadors led a number of projects in their class across the school.  The week commenced with an 'odd sock' day to symbolise that we are all unique.  In our celebration assembly on 19th November each class presented what they had been working on throughout the week to communicate the importance of being kind and to reaffirm our whole school commitment to anti bullying. 

Some children communicated our rules through freeze frames, poems, one class wrote a rap and one class performed a piece of music that they had composed using Recorders.  Year 6 children presented a range of synonyms to communicate the vocabulary of kindness and kind words.  

Prior to our event the Anti Bullying ambassadors spoke to their peers to find out about what special activity they wanted on 'Smile Day' and all children voted for whole class playground / circle games that they could play together.  We all had a fantastic week and the message of kindness was certainly communicated to all :-)

Year 6 - Kindness Synonyms

Year 4 - Kindness Song performed on Recorders

Year 5 - Poems

Circle Games led by our Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Online Safety and Cyberbullying

On 23rd March our year 6 were lucky enough to have taken part in a workshop around Healthy Relationships, Online Harms, Online Safety and Cyberbullying. The workshop and presentations were run by the Police Crime Commission and Collaborate Digital.  The aim is to support young people, aged 9 to 14 years in having a healthy online life, whilst avoiding potential threats and dangers. The presentations were age appropriate and focused on healthy relationships, attitudes, behaviours, and safety as well as online harms, online safety, and positive methods of communication. The year 6 children were challenged to make a short podcast or video about what they have learned to help share the positive messages.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5