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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

"Being the best I can be."

Our Vision

"Expanding horizons for learning and life."

  • Empowering children to learn for themselves

  • Embracing real-life opportunities

  • Enriching learning experiences to inspire and enthuse

  • Ensuring children value themselves as part of the community


Our Values

School Values


We want our children to feel determined to achieve their goals and dreams and have the resilience to overcome obstacles and challenges that stand in the way.


Mutual respect for all is at the heart of Vale View. We value diversity and show kindness and consideration to each other.


We contribute positively to our community and take responsibility for ourselves, our actions and our behaviour.


We promote positivity and enthusiasm throughout the school community and support children to be resilient and maintain a positive attitude.


An important skill for life, we all learn and achieve more when working successfully as a team.



Children across the school have worked with our school council members, Mrs Abbott and Mrs Sprigmore to produce our 'Values Characteristics' document.  Children in every year group talked about how they can explicitly demonstrate our values at each stage of their primary school experience.  Our children had fantastic ideas and suggestions.