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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

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Term 5

We have been counting different amounts of objects, from playdough to blocks and cars.  Some of us have been challenging themselves by matching up the numerals to the correct number of objects. 



We went to the local soft play centre on a trip. We sang the Wheels on the Bus on the minibus. The children were very excited. 


Term 4 

We have been exploring gift bags with different weights and sizes to see which one is the heaviest and lightest. 


We have been naming the shapes circle, triangle, rectangle and square. Then we used the shapes to make shape monsters. 


Term 3

We have had so much fun building dens! 


We have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and finding out that the pigs built their houses out of different materials. We have been exploring blocks and that the shapes they make when you print with them are like bricks.     



Term 2

We had to listen well to instructions when exploring the parachute in PE.  We crawled underneath it when it was our turn to swap with the person opposite, and we also had to keep the bean bags and balls on top of the parachute.



Thank you to everyone that returned the Autumn Treasure bags.  We have had lots of fun looking at all the different natural objects you found, from conkers to pampass grass and all the different sized and coloured leaves.



We have been talking about the fireworks we have seen and their colours. We made firework breadstick wands, made fireworks with flour, glitter and bright coloured loose parts and also made firework pictures with different coloured rice.




Term 1

We went on a listening walk around the school and nursery site.

"I can hear music."

"I can hear someone on a scooter." 

"I hear the trees and the wind."

"I can hear my friends at nursery."


The children made bread rolls. They listened well to the instructions, mixed the ingredients together, rolled out their own rolls to the correct shape and then took them home to eat. 



We made emotion biscuits. We chose our own toppings to make our faces and had to show how we were feeling. We all made happy faces! 


We have been making our own Brown Bear from the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What can you see?. We used forks to make the fur pattern and selected different crafts for his face. 


We have all been getting familiar with the nursery and are settling back in to the routine. We have been exploring colours in a range of ways throughout the nursery.