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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

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Term 5

We painted jelly fish and then used our fine motor skills to thread ribbon through the holes for the jellyfish's tentacles. 


We went on a bug hunt at Priory Fields School. We used some magnifying glasses to look for the bugs and mini-beasts and some tick sheets to check what we had found. We were very excited to find a red ants nest, which the children learnt is called an ant hill, if it's above ground. 



Term 4

We have spent some time learning about daffodils and the different parts of a flower. We have been drawing and painting them. 


We went on a Welly Walk, up to the top field, to see what we could find on our scavenger hunt chart. We found feathers, birds flying, animal droppings and different leaves. 


We had so much fun in the wet weather. We stomped in puddles and took turns with the umbrellas. We talked about different weathers and that trees need water. 


We have been reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have made caterpillar prints with corks, butterfly patterns with string and have acting out the story.



We celebrated Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)! We explored pancake ingredients in the sensory tray. Then we ate pancakes! We chose our topping - lemon, golden syrup or raisins. Yum, yum! 



Term 3 

We have been learning about the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We have enjoying doing Going on a Bear Hunt yoga. We have made bear faces, decorated our own cave and been on a bear hunt in the nursery garden.



We have been reading and learning about the story The Three Little Pigs. We have been building with bricks sticks and straw and have made our own pigs. 



 We have been talking about our feelings. What makes you feel happy? What makes you feel sad? Is there anything that makes you feel scared? Playing with our friends at nursery definitely makes us all feel happy! 



Term 2

The children made sandwiches for their Christmas party. They carefully used a knife to spread the butter and chose the Christmas cutter they liked to use to cut out the bread. 



We made fireworks pictures using different craft materials and mark-making tools. We talked about the firework that we'd seen and the noises that they make. 


The children had lots of fun trying different ways to move across the apparatus on the playground. They showed determination and resilience when they found it tricky. 



We were excited to use hammers and golf tees in the pumpkins, to develop our fine motor skills.



Term 1

We showed the school value of determination, as we concentrated on threading cheerios onto a pipe cleaner, to make food for the birds. 



We used mirrors to look at out faces and make expression biscuits using raisins, strawberry leaves and icing sugar. 


We all really enjoyed our weekly PE lesson. We listened to instructions on and explored how to move across the benches safely and in different ways.  



We have been welcoming lots of new children to the nursery this week. Lots more children to play with and friends to make. 

We have also been making some shape monsters, naming the shapes and describing which shapes are big and which ones are small.