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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

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Term 2

This week the children have had lots of fun making lots of different marks in the flour, using a variety of tools including brushes, cars and their fingers. 


We used lots of loose parts to make poppies on Remembrance Day. We were amazing and also sat for a one minutes silence. 



Term 1

It has been lovely to see the nursery full of children again! The new children are settling in well, having fun and making new friends. 

The children have been enjoying parachute games, especially jumping in the middle of the parachute and taking turns. They have also been demonstrating good balancing when walking a short distance with a cone on their head.

                      Children playing with the parachute      Children playing with the parachute     Child playing outside with cones

Some children have been enjoying singing outside. 5 Little Monkeys sitting in a tree is a firm favourite! 

Children outside singing

Some children have been enjoying learning how to skip. They have been good Collaborative Cats, sharing the ropes so everyone could have a turn. 

Children skipping

The children have been practising their balance skills in PE, as well as exploring the different ways they can travel over the climbing frame. 

  Child climbing on the climbing frame     Child climbing on the climbing frame     Child climbing on the climbing frame     Child climbing on the climbing frame

      Child balancing a beanbag on his head    Children doing PE