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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 1

Our Topic this term is entitled 'Me, Myself and I'.

We learn and play together, supporting one another as we explore and experience new things every day. We have lots in common, but there are also lots of things that make us unique. This term Collaborative Cat helps us to work and play together and to celebrate and recognise the differences and challenges that others may have.

As super Scientists we learn all about our bodies and senses, thinking about how these are used to make sense of the world around us.

As aspirational Artists we learn about self-portraits, using the work of our key artist ‘Pablo Picasso’ as inspiration and developing our skills in experimenting with line and colour.

As growing geographers we consider ‘What we can find out about where we live?’ Exploring Dover and learning how to devise simple maps and use keys to help us.



What a fantastic first week back. All the children have settled into our busy routine well and are enjoying the new classroom and its learning.

In our number maths lessons we have been reading and writing numbers, then using manipulatives to help us find and show the amounts.

For part of our learning lift off about “Me, myself and I” the children had great fun drawing around each other and identifying the different parts of our bodies. We then played a variety of games and quizzes to help embed the names of our body parts further.


In week 2 we learnt all about Pablo Picasso in our Art lessons. We then created self portraits being determined to include all our facial features. The children then coloured in their self portraits in bright vibrant colours, cut them up and rearranged them in the style of Picasso’s abstract art. What do you think of our silly faces?

We have been working really hard on our writing this term about Beegu, the little alien who wanted to find a friend. Have a look at some of our beautiful sentences we have written.


In week 3 in our topic maths lessons we have been learning how to measure accurately in non-standard units of measurement. The children have enjoyed measuring each other’s height plus a variety of objects in and around the classroom.

In week 4 we learnt about the story that Christians read from the bible about the creation of the world. The children then chose their favourite part of the story and painted a picture of it. Can you identify which part of the story was their favourites?



In week 5 we started our geography learning all about maps. We looked at some maps of our local area and found different places using a key. We then went on a class trip around our local area finding key places. Can you recognise any of the places we added to our maps?

In week 6 we have been focussing on capacity finding half and quarter of a container. We have used both sand and water to help us measure.


Also, this week we have revisited science and continue to name the different parts of our bodies. The children have really enjoyed our science and can identify which part of the body is linked to each of our 5 senses.