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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 1

Our Topic this term is entitled 'Me, Myself and I'.

We learn and play together, supporting one another as we explore and experience new things every day. We have lots in common, but there are also lots of things that make us unique. This term open-minded octopus helps us to celebrate and recognise the differences and challenges that others may have.

As super Scientists we learn all about our bodies and senses, thinking about how these are used to make sense of the world around us.

As aspirational Artists we learn about self-portraits, using the work of our key artist ‘Pablo Picasso’ as inspiration and developing our skills in experimenting with line and colour.

As growing geographers we consider ‘What we can find out about where we live?’ Exploring Dover and learning how to devise simple maps and use keys to help us.


The children have all enjoyed the first 2 weeks in Year 1 and have explored all the different areas of our classroom. Some children took great interest in our outside area and helped clear our garden. They even found some interesting bugs to look at.

We have encouraged all the children to continue ordering their numbers from 1-20 in a variety of ways using the resources available.

We are practising our handwriting and phonics every day which the children all seem to really enjoy.

New term New term

new term

In the last two weeks the children have been learning about the different parts of their bodies. We have been collaborative cats and reassembled “Simon the ” as well as creating our own skeletons.

skeleton ​skeleton


In our English lessons we have continued with our class text ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon. The children have used their imaginations to create their own representations of her and they have all shown determination to remember the actions we created to retell the story.

​skeleton ​skeleton english


In maths we have been focusing on capacity. We have had great fun with the water table showing whether a container is full, half-full or empty. The children used their thumbs to show how full the containers were. Look through some of our pictures and see if you can work out how full they were.

maths maths maths maths

This week the children have been on a treasure hunt following a map of the school. They have then created their own maps of the classroom. They are using their observational skills to try and make them as accurate as possible.

In maths we are now learning how to measure both length and height using non-standard units of measurement. This week we have been measuring items around the classroom using our multi-link cubes.

measuring Measuring

Measuring Measuring

We are continuing to learn about online safety and who to talk to if we see something what worries us online. We have talked about being kind to others online and creating some “be kind online” posters.