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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 1

Orange Class have been enjoying their time exploring their new classroom, and are already having lots of fun! They are settling well into school life, making lots of new friends and playing beautifully together. Miss Coombs, Miss Howman and Miss McConnell are very excited to be embarking on the start of their learning journey, and are looking forward to the fun filled year ahead of us.

Child playing with water slide  Child sitting on a tyre  Child playing with water

Child examining item from nature  Photograph of child with magnifying glass held to face

Child experimenting with chalk stick   Child experimenting with magnifying glass into water

Child with bubble solution covering both hands


Orange Class have started to learn about sounds. We have been investigating the sounds that we can hear in the environment, the sounds made by using different instruments and we have even experimented making our own instruments to make new sounds.

Child with yellow container offering up#Child assembling object with sticks Child experimenting with collection of small items

Child showing branch made structure Child pointing with branch Child assembling branch and paper plate object

Child experimenting with collection of small items Child with yellow container offering up 


This week Orange Class have been having fun exploring their heights and comparing the measurements of different sized objects. We are beginning to recognise and write some of the sounds in our name and are really proud of our efforts so far! We have started looking at ways to explore our school values and have had lots of fun selecting resources to make some of our own character animals. Take a look at our Determined Dogs.

Child showing off self made face model Child having written the sounds that make up her name Child showing off self made face model Child with written word making up the sounds of her name

Children making measurements of different items Child making measurements of different items Children taking measurements of themselves Child with written word making up the sounds of her name

Child showing off self made face model  Child with written letter making up first letter of her nameChildren taking measurements of themselves


This week, in Orange Class, we have been learning about the different sounds in our names. We have explored what they sound like, and are beginning to explore what they look like too. Have a look at some of the ways we have been practising.

Child with a letter A plastic symbol Child writing her name in white powder Child smiling having spelt her name with plastic letters

Child exploring the shapes of letters Child with the shape  of a letter L Child with the shape  of a letter P

Child with the shape  of a letter R Child writing his name on an outdoor blackboard


This week Year R have been looking out for the signs of autumn and have engaged in some lovely autumnal crafts. We worked as collaborative cats to hunt for autumn items and used them to create a beautifully decorated autumnal hoop and some of us have made our very own autumn crowns. We have even noticed the squirrels stealing our bird food in preparation for the winter, but we don’t mind!

Child examining the fruits from Autumns

Child examining the fruits from Autumns


Children playing with the fruits from Autumn  Child making an autumn crown with glue and paper

Child making an autumn crown with glue and paper   Smiling child wearing autumn crown

Smiling child wearing autumn crown   Child with a handful of autumn leaves

Children with a plastic loop containing autumn found items