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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 2

Our topic this term is entitled 'Riveting River'. 

How have rivers changed our lives? All over the country and the world rivers shape the land and have shaped history. Since the dawn of time people have lived by, moved towards rivers and even tried to move the rivers themselves. We are going to learn about why rivers are such a powerful force both literally and metaphorically in human history. As a geographer, I will know and be able to describe the features of a river, know and recall the capitals of the countries in the British Isles and relate them to the rivers running through them. From this I will be able to name the seas around the UK and the rivers that feed into them. I will be able to explain the water cycle and how it effects the weather. I will use fieldwork to bolster my academic understanding of how rivers function and relate this to topographical features on maps. We will be able to use compasses to build our knowledge of the UK and wider world. We want them to have an understanding and be able to explain how human choices can impact the environment in both positive and negative ways and make decisions based on this knowledge. As a scientist I will be able to apply my knowledge of the properties of materials to design a protective suit for a river scientist to allow them to work across the globe in all the rivers we have learned about during the topic. We will also use this knowledge practically help scientists clear spills and pollution to solve real life problems which can have a lasting and long term impact on the health of rivers in the UK and beyond. The children will learn fieldwork and practical science investigation skills. These will be repeated several times during the course of the unit particularly the science skills of separating including separating, filtering and sieving. We will enable the children to practice their geography fieldwork skills in the rivers at Kearsney Abbey and Russel Gardens and use these to create presentations. 


As part of our Rivers topic, Violet Class took a trip to Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens where they took part in different activities that gave them an opportunity to explore the river and the surrounding environment.  We found a nice spot by the lake where we drew sketches of the lake and wildlife.  We then had an opportunity to do some field work, which involved getting in the river to measure the width and depth of the river in small groups.  We also took some water samples and found some shrimp!