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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 2

Our Topic this term is entitled 'Explorers'

'How has exploring impacted the world we live in today?’  People have been exploring for thousands of years and have discovered lots about the world and beyond. The earliest explorers discovered different lands. On his quest to find India, Christopher Columbus stumbled across the Bahamas and discovered quite how big the world is! As the first man ever to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong was launched into History. He paved the way for many other great astronauts and space expeditions. It was ‘one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind’! Since then many intrepid explorers from the Cholita climbers to Felicity Aston have embarked upon their own adventures… What does it take to become an explorer? Who will be the next big adventurer? As spectacular Scientists we investigate, identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials for different uses. As hard-working historians we will study the lives and contributions of Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus as world famous explorers building on our learning from term 1 and the concept of ‘legacy’. As ambitious Artists we will take inspiration from Turner and the ‘Thanet skies’ to create our own landscape art.


This term the children have been learning how to add and take multiples of 10 from any given number. They have learnt how to use a hundred square to help them; they move up the grid when they are taking away and move down when adding. Here are some pictures of children rehearsing this skill. 

multiples of 10 multiples of 10

multiples of 10

In our topic maths lessons we have been revisiting 2D shapes. The children have been trying to make their own shapes accurately using rulers to measure the straws before cutting them to shape.  

 2D shapes  2D shapes

 2D shapes