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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 3

Our Topic this term is entitled 'Home Sweet Home'.

Home is where the heart is! Are all homes the same and who lives where? This term we explore the idea of what a ‘home’ means. All homes are different. Our homes are in the United Kingdom, which is made up of four countries – what can we learn about these countries to help us better understand where we live? Are homes made up of bricks or families? We think about the difference between a ‘home’ and a ‘house’. We will explore materials used to make houses but also what it is that makes home feel special to us.

As hands-on historians we travel back in time and consider how houses have changed over time and think about why this might be.

As growing Geoographers we ask; ‘What countries make up the United Kingdom?’ ‘What is a capital city?’ ‘What are the capital cities of the United Kingdom?’

As determined Designers we will design and make a house based on a design criteria that the three little pigs have sent to us.

As super Scientists we will compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their simple physical properties and use this to inform our investigations.


Week 1 and 2

This term we are starting to learn about different materials in our science lessons. Our learning lift-off was an exploration of the school and its grounds to find different materials and describe them using their properties. The children all became scientists for the afternoon and enjoyed our investigation.  

Investigating Investigating Investigating


We have then taken our investigating further in week 2 by sorting different materials according to their properties. First we looked into whether the materials were hard or soft. Then we had fun finding out if the materials were waterproof; poor collaborative cat did not enjoy our investigation. 

Investigating Investigating

In English we have been working on the story of the 3 little pigs. We have learnt the story well by acting it out and creating actions to retell the story. 


In maths we have been focusing on halving and doubling using a variety of manipulatives to help us. The children have understood this well and are all confident to move onto our next challenge next week. 

Maths  Maths

In our PSHE lessons this term we have been learning about the different ways we can stay healthy and who can help us achieve this. This week we focussed on the importance of washing our hands to prevent the spread of germs. For the children to see the impact of this we carried out an investigation in which Mrs Moseling had glitter (pretend germs) on her hands and then shook 4 children’s hands. Those children then shook hands with all children and within 2 minutes all of the class had the “germs on their hands.


hands healthy


In our English lessons the children have been changing the characters from the traditional tale of the 3 little pigs. They then had to use adjectives to describe their new characters. Look at some of our brilliant examples

English English English

English English

In maths we have started to introduce division through sharing. The children have been using manipulatives to help them share into groups equally. We used the term “It’s got to be FAIR to SHARE” as a reminder to divide equally.

Maths Maths