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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 3

Our Topic this term is entitled 'The Mayans'

What were the contemporary similarities and differences between the Ancient Maya and British civilisations? The Ancient Maya spanned from 1100 BC to 1502 AD, coinciding chronologically with the British Stone Age through to the Tudors. The location of the Ancient Maya can be found through map work and the accurate use of compass directions. Through studying trade, food, gods and calendars, we can compare the lives of two contrasting civilisations. Many aspects of the lives of the Ancient Maya continue to feature in our lives today, such as chocolate, astronomy and architecture. Weaving was used to create textiles and clothing throughout this time span; we will develop this skill.


Alice in Wonderland

This term, our class text is ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. So far, we have followed Alice down the rabbit hole and have read about her first adventures in Wonderland. We have used the scene where Alice is trapped inside the White Rabbit’s house to write our own suspense stories.



Exploring Decimals

This week, we have exploring decimal numbers. We have learned that there are many numbers between 0 and 1. We have used the place value counters to build numbers and have used these resources to help us to compare and order decimal numbers.



Inspired by his learning in class, Jacob made this fantastic model of a Maya temple in Chichen Itza as part of his home learning.  

home learning

Learning Lift Off

This term, we will be learning about the ancient Maya. We kicked off the term by exploring Fairtrade chocolate and its origins. We quickly realised the countries that the Maya occupied are many of the countries that export the cacao bean. We learned that the Maya used the cacao bean to create a bitter drink. The cacao bean and drink were used in religious rituals worshipping the Maya gods. Interestingly, the Maya even had a god of cacao. We created jars, like the Maya, to hold the cacao drink.

Images of jars

jar jar












Maya Gods

The children in Gold Class have been researching the beliefs of the ancient Maya. We used our prior knowledge of other civilisations that we have learned about, like the ancient Greeks or Egyptians. We used our research to create fact files about each of the gods. We then used our fact files to teach other about the Maya gods.

gods Gods