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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 3

Our topic this term is: Who Am I?

Children are going to be provided with real life opportunities to explore changes and life cycles, making observations by being involved and concentrating. They are going to develop their creative and critical thinking skills by making comparisons when exploring similarities and differences within the environment. A wide range of reading experiences, with a focus on Julia Donaldson, will help the children to foster a love of reading.

As we continue to make links between our ideas, we respond to new experiences and begin to predict sequences e.g. what might happen next in a story.


What an exciting start to the new term! On the return to school we discovered that Orange Class had had a visitor over the holidays. The visitor had left clues, which we investigated to find out it was The Gruffalo!


We have been using our maths skills to carefully measure the ingredients to make GRUFFALO CRUMBLE. We used cups for measuring, observing which ingredients needed a full cup and which needed half a cup. The hard work paid off, as the crumble snack was delicious. Like the Big, Bad Mouse, we have decided our favourite food is Gruffalo crumble too!