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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 4

Our topic this term is entitled 'The Garden of England'.

As spectacular Scientists we will consider, ‘Do all plants require the same conditions to grow?’ What can we discover about growing plants? Plants have been growing for thousands of years and during this time people have been enjoying them as food as well as appreciating their beauty. The earliest civilisations ate the plants that were growing around them; today we not only eat some plants but grow plants for a hobby and to look at too! It’s not only people who enjoy eating plants – Peter Rabbit loves them too! We will learn all about him in our class text. As great geographers we will explore through carrying out our own fieldwork studies, investigating; How many birds visit the garden every day?, What animals live under stones in the garden?, What flowers do bees like best? We will then consider ways to share and present these findings.


Our learning lift of was all about plants! We cut open bulbs and seeds so we could see what was inside of them and we planted lots of different types of seeds and bulbs. We are excited to see what grows!

We also did an investigation using cress seeds. We made 4 different pots with different growing conditions.

Pot 1- water and sun

Pot 2- Water and no sun

Pot 3- Sun and no water

Pot 4- No water and no sun

We then made predictions of what we thought would happen. We will update you with the results.