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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 4

Our topic this term is: Who are you going to call?

Imagination is going to take the children to a faraway place – who will they call when someone is in trouble? Maybe they need a superhero to save the day or a Doctor to make them feel better. Children will also develop their understanding of the world around them, by finding out about a variety of people within the community who help other people.  

As we talk about the lives of the people around us and their roles in society, we begin to use pretend play to think beyond the ‘here and now’ and to understand another perspective. We also begin to realise that our actions have an effect on the world.


What a fun start to the term we are having! We are enjoying reading the SUPERTATO stories, and looking at superheroes too. Did you know there are real-life superheroes? We are learning all about people who help us in our local and wider communities. Can you guess some of the people we consider as real-life superheroes?



We are excited this week as the season is changing… we have been ‘Super Spotters’ as we’ve searched for the signs of spring.


Spotting Spring- What a fabulously fun train trip to Folkestone! We enjoyed travelling on a train to Folkestone today, to spot the signs of spring. We listened to a story all about what to look out for, went on a hunt, had a yummy picnic, and a play in the park. Now we are very tired!