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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 5

Our topic this term is Precious Plants

Let’s be super scientists and go exploring! What can we observe in our local habitat, focusing on plants? Do they all look the same? Can we find any similarities or spot any differences? Can we name these common flowers? Can we identify and group different plants, including trees?  Do we see them all year round? How does the weather and seasons affect how things grow? Let’s look at how they change over the year! This is a great starting point to become junior gardeners and to understand how the world changes around us each year. 

As super scientists we will explore our natural surroundings to identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees and be able to describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees.

As aspirational Artists we will develop our observational drawing skills using Vincent Van Gogh as our inspiration.

As determined designers we will ask are there plants that we are able to eat? We will consider how we can create a healthy meal and the skills we need to do this.



The children were all really excited with our learning lift-off on our first day of this term. All children behaved fantastically at the garden centre, making it a very enjoyable and memorable trip. On our return to school they all embraced the opportunity to plant their own plants; we will continue to monitor their growth.

beans beans

beans beans


In our English lessons we have been reading and writing about Jack and the Beanstalk. This week we then made changes to the characters and settings.

English English

In our maths lessons we have been focussing on the value of numbers. To begin with we made crocodile mouths to help the children understand the concept of greater that and less than. We then developed the skill further by ordering a set of numbers between 0 and 20.

Maths Maths



Weeks 3 and 4

In our maths lessons we have been learning how to measure the mass of objects using non-standard weights. This week we focussed closely on measuring using multi-link cubes. The children then had to work collaboratively to order the objects from lightest to heaviest once weighed.



We have continued our learning about “precious plants” by learning the names of a variety of wild flowers. We then went on an exploration of the school grounds to see if we could find of them. What super scientists we are!

Plants Plants


In PE this term we are learning to dance inspired by the different movements of a variety of animals. Can you work out what they are supposed to be?



Weeks 5 and 6


In week 5 we went on a class trip to St martins church. We had an opportunity to talk with Reverend Melissa and explore the many key features of the church. All of the children were fantastically behaved and enjoyed hunting for the church mouse.

church church




To end our topic about plants the children made a salad out of all the plants we attempted to grow, plus a few extras from Morrisons. Every child had the opportunity to try new salad items they had not tasted before, and they all practised their skills of chopping and grating.

salad salad


The children took part in a potato project, deciding whether the length of the potato impacts on its weight. They used their measuring skills taught in term 1 and combined that with their weighing skills taught this term to conclude our investigation.

Potato Project Potato Project

Potato Project

What a way to end our term with a fantastic sports day and Jubilee celebration. The children did very well in their races, all being awarded stickers for taking part. Then they all took part in our class May pole dance – weren’t they amazing!!

Sports Day Sports Day

Sports Day