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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 5

Our topic this term is entitled 'Precious Plants'.

Let’s be super scientists and go exploring! What can we observe in our local habitat, focusing on plants? Do they all look the same? Can we find any similarities or spot any differences? Can we name these common flowers? Can we identify and group different plants, including trees?  Do we see them all year round? How does the weather and seasons affect how things grow? Let’s look at how they change over the year! This is a great starting point to become junior gardeners and to understand how the world changes around us each year. 

As super scientists we will explore our natural surroundings to identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees and be able to describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees.

As aspirational Artists we will develop our observational drawing skills using Vincent Van Gogh as our inspiration.

As determined designers we will ask are there plants that we are able to eat? We will consider how we can create a healthy meal and the skills we need to do this.



This term we have discussed our school values and how they all help us to stay in the green zone of regulation. We know that to become better learners we need to be in the green zone. In year 1 we have pledged to be positive penguins about all aspects of our learning as a smile is the most contagious thing in the world.

We have buddied up to work more collaboratively in the classroom. We know that helping each other makes us grow as learners and improves our friendships.

Our classroom is our responsibility to keep tidy. Everyday we work as a team to help tidy away all of our books and resources.

Manners are important to use towards each other. We know that calling out is not OK and that to be respectful rhinos to adults and our friends, we need to put our hands up to ask questions.

In year 1 our learning journey sometimes feels long, but we know that challenges are there to help. We are resilient and know that mistakes are part of learning, this then makes us more determined to succeed.


Today we launched our Precious Plants topic with a trip to a garden centre. This was the first part of our learning lift-off. We started our adventure with some key questions; are all leaves green? Do all plants have flowers? Do all plants have stems? What do all plants need to grow?

We went around the garden centre in groups with checklists to find all the things we needed to be good gardeners. We looked at the many differences in plants and compared some similarities.


At the end of our trip we decided which plants we wanted to grow back at school by looking at all the seeds and the lovely lady let us put them through the till ourselves!