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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 5

Our topic this term is entitled 'Stone Age to Iron Age'.

Whilst exploring the lives of the pre-historic, we will become aware as historians of how artefacts help us uncover mysteries of the past. Knowledge and understanding about the Stone Age transition from hunter gatherers to farmers will enable us to consider whether we are still reliant on the natural materials around us today to enrich our lives. Developments in manufacturing and processes have allowed the evolution of these materials, but how has the pre-historic era impacted our life today?  Was the change from a nomadic existence to becoming settled a necessary one? As Geographers, we will consider the areas of their settlement as well as designing homes as if Dover was the area of our settlement. Using the style of cave paintings, we will consider, ‘How does Art speak to people?’, ‘Can we use Art to tell a story?’ through this we will create exhibitions which communicate our lifestyle to those in the future.

Learning Lift-Off

Our topic this term is the Stone Age to the Iron Age and we began with a fabulous learning lift-off. We became archaeologists and explored different artefacts from the Stone Age and considered what they were used for. We then created our own cave paintings, as well as a class mural of our handprints, similar to those that were created in the Stone Age. 

Learning Lift-Off Learning Lift-Off

Learning Lift-Off Learning Lift-Off