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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 5

Our topic this term is entitled 'Crime and Punishment'.

How has crime and punishment changed over time? Throughout the UK, the police force uses their knowledge and authority to keep our communities safe. We will be learning how the role of the police has changed throughout history and how this is reflected in the crimes and punishments which take place. We will focus on crime and punishment as an aspect of British history that has developed over time.  

As studious historians, we will be able to compare and contrast crimes and punishments throughout different periods of history. We will learn to devise historically valid questions about change and the impact on this on modern living.  We will learn about crime and punishment in different historical periods (including Romans and Tudors) in chronological order and how these ideas have adapted throughout history and are now used in the modern day.  

As a reflective thinker, I will use our knowledge of current affairs (gender, equality, racism) to debate and justify our opinions on historical crimes and punishment. I will learn about primary and secondary sources so that how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources. We will consider our own opinions and use a variety of sources to justify thoughts and answers.

As members of our local community, we will be visited by a local police officer. We will use our knowledge of British Values to ask questions about 21st century crime and punishment. During this time, we can ask historically valid questions about change and significance to further our knowledge that we have previous learned.



Unfortunately, when the children returned to school at the start of the term, they discovered that a heinous crime had taken place in the playground. Poor Mrs. Deans had been bashed on the head and the miscreant had left a trail of clues for the children to discover and come up with their own theories about what happened. We were excellent detectives who were able to understand the evidence and create a wonderful theory which we then broadcast to ensure that the people of Dover remained safe.

Thankfully, Mrs. Deans was fine and the children’s detective work kept the school safe for more learning to come!