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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 5

Our Topics this term are entitled 'World War 2 and Coasts'.

When did World War Two end in Europe and how was it celebrated? Children will continue their learning journey, focusing on the home front and how rationing and propaganda influenced daily life.  Children will know that Victory in Europe day is commemorated on 8th May, celebrating the end of the war in Europe. Children will use a range of primary sources to investigate the events and draw conclusions about the feelings of people of the time, to enable them to empathise.  Children’s learning culminates in a recreation of a VE day street party, showcasing all of their learnt knowledge, skills and understanding. 

What is a coast and how is it formed? Children will develop contextual knowledge of physical characteristics of coasts and understand the processes that give rise to the physical features.  On a trip to Botany Bay, children’s fieldwork skills will support their understanding of the erosion process in local coastal areas. Children will learn the practical elements of keeping themselves safe at the coast, supported by National charities. Children will learn to appreciate the importance of sea defences and discuss practical solutions of how to protect our coastlines for the future.