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Vale View Primary School

Vale ViewPrimary School

Term 6

Our Topic this term is entitled 'Everything Changes'.

Does everything change? What is the impact of change? Once something has changed, can it be undone? This term, we will consider some of the changes around us and investigate what causes them. We will begin the term as historians, exploring how Dover has changed over time. We will use old photos of our town and take a trip to Dover Seafront to compare the changes that have taken place, asking questions about the causes and consequences of the changes.  We will consider the impact these changes have had on our lives. As scientists, we will continue to investigate change by learning about solids, liquids and gases. We will explore, discuss, test and develop ideas about changing states of matter by carrying out investigations involving freezing and heating. We will work scientifically by asking questions about what we want to find out the answer to, and decide how is best to investigate a question. We will plan, carryout and record simple and fair tests, observing changes over time. We will then present our findings and draw conclusions about changes that are taking place.  We will put our learning about changing states of matter into action, by making a savoury snack.



Year 4 have had a very exciting start to their term! To start our topic, ‘Everything Changes’, they have a Learning Lift-off where they baked savoury muffins to investigate reversible and irreversible changes. 

They have also joined other schools in Dover to perform in a large community choir.  The children sang songs from musicals beautifully and will share part of their performance during our own Vale View music afternoon. 

Year 4 are also part of a litter picking competition which is taking place across the Academy.  The children are picking litter from our school grounds to show the impact we have on our surrounding environments.


Have a look at our photos below!

Everything Changes Everything Changes

Everything Changes